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[Family Crests] Takamori Saigo’s Chrysanthemum Button

Takamori Saigo's Chrysanthemum flower and leaves Button
It’s hugged Chrysanthemum leaves on Chrysanthemum Flower for Kamon. Family Crests (Kamon) means symbol and graphics at old age in Japan.
It is a family crest that is said to have been used by Saigo Takamori.
note: Chrysanthemum: In ancient China, chrysanthemums are used for ornamental purposes and as a medicine for longevity, and are considered to be the most energetic flowers of the hundred flowers. This idea was introduced to Japan and was favored during the Heian period, and its pattern was used in clothes, litters, and swords in the imperial court.
[Family Crests] Takamori Saigo’s Chrysanthemum Button

About the Family Crests, Takamori Saigo’s Chrysanthemum Button

A family crest (Kamon) is a Japanese emblem used to identify an individual or family. This is a sticker version of an old traditional Japanese crest.
An insignia or insignia that is mainly attached to the collar or chest of clothing, and expresses the affiliation and qualifications of the wearer with a schematic design. A hollow metal badge that can be easily attached to clothing or a cloth bag.
  • Round buttons is Available in 5 sizes from 1.25" to 6" diameter
  • Covered with scratch and UV-resistant Mylar