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[Kanji] Ninja as red characters Button

Ninja in Penmanship Kanji Button
Those who used ninjutsu to infiltrate enemy territory and engaged in intelligence (spy) activities such as spying and disturbance. In particular, the Iga and Koka ninja organizations that were active mainly during the Warring States period are famous. However, the existence of a ninja is not well known because it was hidden in the shadows and was active as an execution unit of darkness.
[Kanji] Ninja as red characters Button

About it in Kanji, Ninja as red characters Button

An insignia or insignia that is mainly attached to the collar or chest of clothing, and expresses the affiliation and qualifications of the wearer with a schematic design. A hollow metal badge that can be easily attached to clothing or a cloth bag.
  • Round buttons is Available in 5 sizes from 1.25" to 6" diameter
  • Covered with scratch and UV-resistant Mylar