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[Kanji] emperor T-Shirt

emperor in brushed Kanji T-Shirt

[Kanji] emperor T-Shirt
Japanese calls “Kou Tei”.
In Europe, a title for a monarch in the Middle East, Latin America, and other monarchies. In Europe, it is the title of the heir to the Roman imperial throne and is considered higher than that of king.
In China, a title for a heavenly son or king.

About this T-shirt

A shirt without a collar. It is called a T-shirt because it looks like a "T" when the arms are spread out. As most people know, it is a standard clothing that there is no one in the world who has never worn it. You can choose men's or women's, long-sleeve T-shirts and hoodies, and you can choose the size and color as much as you want.
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・100% cotton (Blends poly by manufacturer)
・Double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom
・Machine wash cold