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The surname Kato is said to have been derived from “Mr. Fujiwara,” who once held great power.
Mr. Fujiwara, who had strong power, is said to have become more and more inconvenient as the number of people (descendants and relatives) who give their surnames increased, and new surnames with the letters “Fuji” were derived more and more.
As for the flow that Mr. Kato was able to create, first of all, a person named “Shoyo”, a child of Toshihito Fujiwara, became the ancestor of “Mr. Saito” who was derived from Mr. Fujiwara.
It is said that Kagasuke, a child of the royal family, became the name of Kagasuke and moved to Kaga.
It is said that Mr. Fujiwara, who moved to Kaga, was the origin of Mr. Kato.
Kato is the 10th most common Japanese surname.

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