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[Family Crests] Paulownia Flowers and leaf button

Paulownia Flowers and leaf for Kamon button

It is the family crest that you have the most chance to see in Japan.
The paulownia flower crest was regarded as a sub-crest of the emperor’s family. In addition, this paulownia flower crest was sometimes given to a vassal who had a merit in the Emperor’s family. These are Takauji Ashikaga, Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa.
Today, it is a family crest that is also printed on Japanese passports as the emblem of the Japanese government.

About the Family Crests, Paulownia Flowers and leaf Button

A family crest (Kamon) is a Japanese emblem used to identify an individual or family. This is a sticker version of an old traditional Japanese crest.
An insignia or insignia that is mainly attached to the collar or chest of clothing, and expresses the affiliation and qualifications of the wearer with a schematic design. A hollow metal badge that can be easily attached to clothing or a cloth bag.
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