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[Kanji] Ramen noodle long sleeve T-Shirt

Ramen noodle in brushed kanji Long sleeve T-Shirt
The roots of ramen lie in China and but ramen as we know it today developed independently in Japan.
[Kanji] Ramen noodle long sleeve T-Shirt

About this long sleeves T-shirts

T-shirts with long sleeves. It is also used in cold weather and for sun protection. You can choose women's or men's, Hoody or regular T-shirts, and there are many sizes.
・Woman’s or Men’s long sleeves
・variety sizes
・some colors
・also, there is Sweatshirt
・100% cotton (Heathers are a cotton/poly blend)
・Preshrunk. Machine wash cold

In Japan, it is abbreviated as "lonT".

The etymology is "long T-shirt". In this case, clothes with long sleeves and clothes with a long body have the same meaning, but it is a gray zone expression unique to Japan that is used depending on the situation.