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Asakusa by vertical

asakusa vertical in brushed Kanji

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The eastern part of Taito-ku, Tokyo. Old ward name. Generally refers to Sensoji Temple and its surrounding parks and downtown areas. The origin of the place name is that it is a shallow grassy land in the east, as opposed to the deep grass in Musashino in the west. It used to be a cold village at the mouth of Sumida River, but it developed as a gate town of Sensoji Temple in the Edo period. Until the Great Kanto Earthquake, it was the most popular downtown area in Tokyo.
Especially after World War II, there was a time when the decline was even more noticeable, but now it is a popular entertainment district in the downtown area.
In addition to movie theaters, theaters, Nakamise shopping streets, Sensoji Temple, and Asakusa Park, new facilities such as high-rise hotels and restaurants of beer companies have been created in recent years.

あさくさ 漢字