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Asakusa by vertically in Kanji


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Because there was Sensoji Temple, there is Asakusa

It is no exaggeration to say that it is a tourist spot known all over the world, with about 30 million people visiting from home and abroad every year. The large red lantern over the “Kaminarimon” at the entrance is known as a symbol of Asakusa, and the surrounding area is a downtown area with an Edo atmosphere.

Sensoji Temple is famous as a tourist spot, but it is actually the oldest temple in Tokyo with a history of about 1400 years.

Kaminarimon is also a symbol of charm

When you go to Asakusa, the first thing you see is the Kaminarimon Gate at Asakusa Temple. It is a symbol of Asakusa and the main gate of Sensoji Temple. The official name is called “Fujin Gate”, and as the name suggests, the god of wind is enshrined on the right side of the gate and the god of thunder is enshrined on the left side.

The size of the Kaminarimon is 11.4m in the horizontal direction and 11.7m in the vertical direction, and a red lantern weighing 700kg is hung in the center. If you go nearby, you will be overwhelmed by its power.

The red lanterns of Kaminarimon are basically hung at any time, but in May, when the Sanja Matsuri is held at the Asakusa Shrine, it will be folded because the portable shrine passes through. It may be refreshing to visit Sensoji Temple during that season.

Asakusa Nakamise Street is still lively

After passing through Kaminarimon, there is a straight road leading to the main hall of Sensoji Temple. This is “Asakusa Nakamise Dori”, which is famous as the oldest shopping street in Tokyo. Here, Asakusa Nakamise Street is bustling every day as Asakusa’s number one shopping paradise with the atmosphere of a good old downtown.

Nakamise means a shopping street in the precincts of a shrine or temple. Nearly 90 shops line up on Asakusa Nakamise Street, and it is an indispensable spot for buying souvenirs unique to Japan.

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