battle - Zangyo-Ninja

1. Fight with a weapon. 2. competition. It’s about to win or lose. It is a Kanji that old Japanese were using. With transliteration in Katakana that you can custom letter. Japanese says Ikusa.

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bad, wickedness - Zangyo-Ninja

1. Incorrect. not good. Immorality. Also, be against the law. 2. ugly. unpleasant. Discordant. Inappropriate. In a general sense, it is the opposite or lack of good. It can be a very broad concept, but in everyday use it often expresses deep wickedness in a narrower range. The word “悪” in Japanese was originally … Read More

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making a fortune at a single stroke - Zangyo-Ninja

a thousand at one scoop. to make a fortune at a stroke. Easily get big profits at once. Earn huge profits in one job. Japanese says “I kkaku sen kin”.

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