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[Family Crests] Plum Flower Sticker

Plum Flower for family crests Sticker
A Plum flower for Kamon. Flowers symbol and graphics at old age.
note. The cherry blossom viewing in the Nara period, when the Manyoshu was compiled, was not cherry blossoms but plum blossoms. It was already used as a pattern in the Nara period.

About the Family Crests, Plum Flower Sticker

A family crest (kamon) is a Japanese emblem used to identify an individual or family. This is a sticker version of an old traditional Japanese crest.
  • Choose between 7 different shapes
  • Dimensions: Available in 2 sizes: Large 3inchs, Small 1.5inches
  • Printed on white acid-free paper
  • Vibrant full-color, full-bleed printing
  • Scratch-resistant front, easy peel-and-stick back
  • Available in a matte or glossy finish