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Toyoda, Toyota

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Toyota, Toyoda in Kanji
Toyoda, Toyota is the 237th common Japanese surname.
Toyoda, Toyota means a field where you can get a good harvest, which gives you abundant fruit.
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Ranked by surname (family name) in Japan.

Ranking Surname approximate number of persons
1st Sato 1,853,000
2nd Suzuki 1,786,000
3rd Takahashi 1,399,000
4th Tanaka 1,326,000
5th Ito 1,065,000
6th Watanabe 1,055,000
7th Yamamoto 1,041,000
8th Nakamura 1,037,000
9th Kobayashi 1,021,000
10th Kato 882,000
11th Yoshida 823,000
12th Yamada 808,000
13th Sasaki 665,000
14th Yamaguchi 638,000
15th Matsumoto 622,000
16th Inoue 610,000
17th Kimura 571,000
18th Hayashi 541,000
19th Saito 538,000
237th Toyota, Toyoda 91,100

And more about Toyoda, Toyota

A place name in central Aichi prefecture. The location of the Toyota Motor Corporation Head Office.
The old town area in the northeastern part of Shimonoseki City, western Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The old town area in the midwestern part of Iwata City, southwestern Shizuoka Prefecture.
Former village area in the northeastern part of Nagano prefecture and the western part of Nakano city.