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Mango calligraphy in Kanji マンゴー 漢字
It is an evergreen tree of the genus Mango of the family Rhus, and it is said that there are thousands of species. It has a long history of being cultivated mainly in India, and it is said that it has spread to other countries from there.

Mango is a fruit that becomes a tree of the family Rhus family, so it should be noted that some people may have allergies. However, the taste of mango is very delicious, and it is no exaggeration to say that the raw pulp itself is a complete dessert.

Many mangoes are made in India, Mexico, the Philippines and Thailand, followed by Australia and Taiwan.

Ripe mango has a lot of juice and a smooth texture. You can enjoy the unique aroma and rich sweetness. Not only raw food, but also processed products such as mango-based puddings, cakes, and ice cream are popular.
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マンゴー 漢字 檬果