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It is a general term for butterflies belonging to the family Papilionidae.
In Japanese it is called “Agehacho”.
The reason why it is called “Ageha(あげは)cho” is that the swallowtail butterfly flutters freely and looks like it is floating in the sky.

Ecology of butterfly

Adult swallowtail butterflies are often seen from March to October.
It flies around freely and sucks nectar from various flowers.
They may also fly into puddles, marshes, and beaches to absorb water.
Adults live for about two weeks, during which time males and females meet and lay eggs.
The life cycle is repeated 3 to 6 times a year.
Swallowtail butterflies are said to prefer red and purple flowers.
Adult swallowtail butterflies have six legs and four wings.
There are individual differences in size, but females are slightly larger than males, and swallowtail butterflies born in summer are generally larger than those born in spring.
Wings are predominantly black and yellow with red and blue markings on the hindwings.
Because the larvae eat the leaves of citrus fruits such as mandarin oranges, trifoliate oranges, and Japanese peppers, farmers who grow these crops treat them as pests.
Until the 4th instar larvae, they mimic the appearance of bird droppings to protect themselves from natural enemies, and the 5th instar larvae take on the well-known green color.
Fifth-instar larvae protect themselves by emitting a nose-bending odor from the eyeballs on their heads (which birds dislike) and horn-like parts called “smell horns.” When it becomes a pupa, it overwinters until the next spring, when it emerges and becomes an adult.
However, when they become adults, they lose these defenses and are eaten by carnivorous insects such as praying mantises, spiders, and birds.

Distribution of butterfly

In addition to being distributed in China, Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, southeastern Russia, northern Myanmar, and Guam Island, it inhabits Hawaii as an invasive species.
A subspecies of the Benget Swallowtail is found on Luzon Island in the Philippines.
The full opening length is about 4 to 6 cm, and the summer type that appears in summer is larger.
Adults can be seen from late March to early November.

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