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The Caucasus region is the easternmost region of Europe. Among them, the world’s oldest Christian country spreads at the foot of Mount Ararat, which is famous for Noah’s Ark legend.
Mount Ararat is currently part of Turkey, but since it was located in the center of Greater Armenia, which prospered around the Armenian plateau in the 1st century BC, it has become a symbol of the Armenian people.

What kind of country is Armenia?

Armenia is a landlocked country located south of the Caucasus Mountains, bordered by Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, Iran to the south, and Turkey to the west.
Although there are many mountainous areas and the climate is dry, about 40% of the country is used as pastures and pastures, and about 20% is used as cultivated land and orchards.
An ancient kingdom was established in BC, and in the 4th century, Christianity became the world’s first state religion.
From the 16th century onwards, it was the subject of a struggle between the Ottoman Empire and Persia, and in the 19th century, Russia joined in and was ruled by a large power, but in the 20th century it became independent and later became a member of the former Soviet Union.
Like its neighbors, it became independent from the former Soviet Union in 1991 and joined the CIS in the same year. Although it adopts a diplomatic policy that is pro-Russian, it also emphasizes economic relations with Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Asian countries.

Armenian industry

In the agricultural sector, grapes and other fruit trees are thriving, and sheep are grazed in the alpine meadows. In the mining and manufacturing industry, mining and processing of copper and molybdenum, aluminum production using power generation using abundant hydropower, chemicals (sulfuric acid, carbide, synthetic rubber, fertilizer), electrical machinery, textiles, leather and shoemaking, food (brandy, canned fruits and vegetables) ) and other industries have developed, and are located in Yerevan, Kirovakan, and Alaverdi.

Industry and Economy of Armenia

Industrial sectors such as electronics, wireless, electrical machinery, machine tools, tools, instrumentation, etc., which consume less metal and are labor-intensive, were born. Electricity, chemicals, and food industries also developed. , tobacco began to be cultivated.
In the machinery department, electrical equipment, machine tools, light bulbs, cables, and automobiles are manufactured in Yerevan, and micromotors, polishing machines, musical instruments, boring lathes, etc. are manufactured in Guyumuri. In the chemical sector, chemical fibers such as chloroprene, caustic soda, and acetate are produced mainly in the cities mentioned above. Synenite (used for aluminum smelting), which contains a large amount of nepheline, is collected in the upstream of the Razdan River, and stone materials are produced in various places. Light industry and food industry are thriving in towns and villages along the Araksu river valley. The wines and brandies (such as Ararat brand) in particular are of good quality and are exported all over the world. Gemstone processing is also practiced, with processed diamonds accounting for 36% (2002) of exports.

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