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Golf is an outdoor ball game in which a club hits a hard ball the size of a ping-pong ball and competes to get it into a target hole with a diameter of 10.8 cm in the fewest number of strokes. However, the size of the ball is about the same as a ping-pong ball with a diameter of 40 mm, which is about 43 mm. Actually, there is a limit to the weight of the ball, but the heavier the ball, the farther it can be thrown, so many men can hit the ball more than 200m, which is what makes golf so interesting.

This kanji notation was used in the past.

Japanese said “Da-kyu”.
This word means to hit a ball, and since hitting a ball with a baseball bat is the same word, it was also called ‘孔球(hole ball)’ or ‘芝球(turf ball)’.The first kanji is read as “Da-kyu”, “Ko-kyu” and the second kanji is read as “Shiba-kyu”.

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