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It means eyes that can see a thousand miles, and it is also called Tengantsu, which means the ability to see distant events, the future, and the minds of others.

In the past, psychic powers were also investigated in Japan.

When parapsychological research was first conducted in Japan, the word clairvoyance was used to refer to paranormal phenomena. In 1910 (Meiji 43), psychologist Tomokichi Fukurai began researching clairvoyance on Chizuko Mifune of Kumamoto. During the clairvoyance experiment on (Nagai Ikuko), I noticed the possibility of telegraphy. After many experiments, he became convinced of the existence of both phenomena. On the other hand, a research group led by the physicist Kenjiro Yamakawa was established, and some experiments were carried out as physicists were suitable for clairvoyance research. However, although they both aimed at scientific research, they did not cooperate with each other, and finally did not come to a unified conclusion.
Today’s parapsychology does not use the word clairvoyance, but it is a subject and word often used in horror movies and comics.
Japanese says “Sen ri gan”.

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