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Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is the capital of the province of Madrid and the capital of the province of Madrid, which is the only province of the province of Madrid.
It is located in the center of Spain, the cornerstone of roads, railways and air networks, as well as the political and economic center, the location of the Archbishop’s seat and university.
Currently, Madrid has a sister city relationship with Tokyo and is a popular city among Japanese people.
This Kanji notation was used until the early Showa period, but recently katakana notation is common, and few Japanese can read it.

Descripción de “Madrid”

Madrid es la capital de España. Es la capital de la provincia de Madrid y la capital de la provincia de Madrid, que es la única provincia de la provincia de Madrid.
Está situado en el centro de España, piedra angular de las redes viarias, ferroviarias y aéreas, así como centro político y económico, sede del arzobispado y universidad.
Attualmente, Madrid ha una relazione di città gemella con Tokyo ed è una città popolare tra i giapponesi.
Esta notación kanji se usó hasta principios del período Showa, pero recientemente la notación katakana es común y pocos japoneses pueden leerla.

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