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Nagasaki as a place name

Nagasaki City is a city located in the southwestern part of Nagasaki Prefecture. It is also the prefectural capital and largest city of Nagasaki Prefecture, and is designated as a core city.
During the Edo period, when the country was isolated, it was a port town with Dejima, the only international trading port (for the Netherlands and China) authorized by the Edo Shogunate in Japan.
As a nuclear weapon (atomic bomb) used during World War II, it is also known as the second and last city in the history of the world after Hiroshima City.

Origin of Nagasaki as a surname

The Taira clan is a descendant of Emperor Kanmu who was given the family name of Taira, with its roots in Nagasaki Village, Tagata County, Izu Province, which is now the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture. He is of the same family in Hizen, which is now Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture.
It can be seen in Suo, which is currently in the east of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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