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One of the United Kingdoms that make up the United Kingdom and occupies most of Great Britain. It borders Scotland to the north and Wales to the west.
Although it is located far north, it is strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream and the westerly winds that blow over it all year round, and the surrounding ocean, giving it a maritime climate with cool summers and relatively mild winters. The harbor does not freeze even in winter. Precipitation is average throughout the year, but is less in the leeward eastern lowlands than in the western and northern hills.

brief history

In the Paleolithic period, it was connected to the continent, and was invaded by the Celts in B.C.E., and became a Roman dependency in 43 AD. In the 5th century, the Anglo-Saxons invaded, and the Seven Kingdoms were established. united them to form the basis of today’s England.


In addition to the Yorkshire coalfield, there are coalfields in various places, and even after the development of the North Sea oil fields, they were the basis of the industry, but today coal mining is decreasing. Middlesbrough and other places in the northeastern region were engaged in the iron and steel industry, supplying materials to the shipbuilding, machinery, automobile, and metalworking industries in various parts of the country. There are oil refineries along the river estuaries of the Thames, Mersey and Humber rivers. Since the 1980s, steel, shipbuilding, and textiles have lost their international competitiveness, and by the beginning of the 21st century, the service and financial industries have become the center of the economy. Livestock farming is also popular, with cattle and dairy farming in the south, and crop farming centered on cereals and potatoes in the eastern regions of East Anglia and Lincolnshire.

The etymology of this kanji

When read and written in Japanese, it is “ingurando”. It is considered to be the phonetic equivalent.

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