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It refers to a calamity caused by fire. This refers to the burning of buildings, ships, forests, and other things useful to humans on a daily basis.

It is defined by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) as “rapid combustion that is uncontrolled and expanding in time and space”.

A fire is considered to have occurred if there is combustion against human will in the affected area and damaged property is observed. In order for combustion to occur, three conditions (combustibles, oxygen, and thermal energy) must be met simultaneously (referred to as the three elements of combustion), and the combustion reaction must be continuous for fire to occur.

This Kanji is also translated as “conflagration”.

In English, “fire” is used to describe being fired from a company, and more recently, “fire” is used to describe retiring from a job and living off one’s accumulated wealth.
However, this kanji is called “kaji” and has nothing to do with people’s lives.

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