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A phenomenon in which light and shadow show subtle fluctuations. The ground is heated by strong direct sunlight, which warms the air close to the ground and creates uneven density distribution.
A phenomenon in which objects in the distance appear to sway or appear distorted when viewed from afar through the ground heated by direct sunlight or over a bonfire. It is caused by localized heating of the air, convection, and local density changes that change the refractive index and redirect light rays through them in different directions.
Japanese says “Kagero”.

The etymology and origin of Kagero

In the olden days, the Kagero was called “Kagirohi”.
The “kagi” in “Kagirohi” has the same origin as the “kaga” in “kagayou,” which means “shining and swaying” and “flickering.” The meaning of “kagiru” is also considered to be the same source.
The “hi” in “Kagirohi” means “fire,” and “Kagero” is thought to be a word that resembles a swaying, glowing flame.

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