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A man who is not interested in romance. It is different from “carnivorous people (肉食系)” who aggressively approach the opposite sex and “herbivorous people (草食系)” who are interested in love even though they are late. Even if you find yourself in a situation where you are alone with a woman, you won’t interfere and you won’t change your attitude. A characteristic of fasting men is that they don’t want a lover.
They are similar to MGTOW, which means “men who go their own way.”

This is a coined Japanese word that was coined in Japan several years ago

The reasons for the birth of fasting men are thought to be as follows.
economic circumstances
Starvation boy are part-time jobbers, and lack a stable economic base. Partly because of the social perception that men are the ones who support the family, many people think that they cannot get married due to financial reasons.
love marriage
Since around the 1970s, love marriage has become mainstream instead of arranged marriage. Marriage is premised on the premise of love with “a person who really loves”, so it is a situation where you can not get married unless you are in a relationship.
Lack of romantic feelings
Starvation boy have never truly fallen in love with a woman, and often do not understand the feeling of “love”. In addition, there are cases in which a person is severely hurt by a past relationship and voluntarily becomes a Starvation boy in order to protect himself.

Japanese said “Ze sshoku dan shi”.

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