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Located in the central part of the Indochina Peninsula, it borders Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos. Bangkok is the capital and it is a constitutional monarchy headed by a king. The Thai make up about 85% of the population, but there are Chinese (10%) and Mon-Khmer minorities living in the mountainous areas. Buddhists are the majority, but there are also Muslims, mainly Malays in the south. Official language is Thai. The capital is Bangkok. Ethnic minorities in mountainous areas have their own language and culture.

The reason why “泰” was used in Thai kanji notation

When writing the name of a country or place in kanji outside the kanji area, it is common to use a transliteration that is similar in pronunciation, but Thai kanji uses the same “泰” as it is in Chinese.
The kanji character for “泰” has readings such as “Yasu-i” and “Yasu-raka” and has the meaning of “peaceful”. It also matches the image of the animal “elephant” that symbolizes Thailand.

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