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In Japan, it is commonly called Jagaimo, and as you can see from this stock, it is also known as Bareisho, which is said to have come to be called because its shape resembles a bell worn on a horse.

origin and propagation

A perennial crop of the Solanaceae family native to the temperate Andean region. It is a relatively new crop that began to be cultivated in earnest in Europe in the 17th century. Because the harvested part is formed underground, it is resistant to adverse environments such as low temperatures, and is said to have saved famine as a drought crop.

food and use

Potatoes have a high starch content, have a good taste, and are light, so they are suitable as a staple food. There are cases where potatoes are cooked as vegetables, and there are cases where starch extracted from potatoes is used.
Potatoes contain 2 to 9 milligrams of alkaloid glycoside called solanin per 100 grams, which is abundant in the buds and skins of young and mature potatoes. Solanine has a bitter taste and is toxic in large amounts, so remove any sprouts or green skin when cooking.
There are many cooking methods, but in Japanese style, it is only used for miso soup and simmering. Western-style dishes include potage, stew, butter-boiled potatoes, powdered potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato gratin, baked potatoes, potato chips, French potatoes, and croquettes.

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