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Generic name for frogs belonging to the amphibian class Anura order Toad family. Also called gama. The most widely distributed species in the world is the Bufo genus, with about 180 species worldwide, excluding Australia. They are generally large, with thick, dry skin. The head is large and has a pair of oval-shaped ear glands behind the eyes. When in danger, the ear glands and secretory glands on the body secrete a white mucus that contains a toxic substance (bufotoxin). Therefore, there are few natural enemies. They live on the ground, but enter the water during the spawning season and lay a large number of eggs as a pair of string-like egg masses.
Japanese said “Hiki Gaeru”. Also called Gama.

Its secretion is still sold as “Gama’s oil”.

In the past, a type of perfumer who sells ointments made from the white secretions of toads on the roadside. This ointment was said to be effective in treating injuries, cracks, chaps, burns, etc., and was used as a military ointment.
The medicine is called Senso, which is made by collecting and drying the ear gland secretions and skin gland secretions of toads.
Currently, Senso is designated as a pharmaceutical product, and it is said that the manufacture and sale of it requires the qualification of a pharmacist or a registered seller.
However, the “Gama’s oil” currently on the market is a product that contains vaseline and other ingredients, so it has the effect of preventing skin dryness and protecting the skin from external stimuli, so real Senso is not used. do not have.

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