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Mammalia Edentata A general term for animals belonging to the sloth family. There are 5 species in 2 genera of this family, Bradypodidae, which live mainly on trees in the dense forest areas of South America and feed on leaves and flowers.

Body length 50-64 cm, no tail, or even short. Weight 4-9 kg. The hind limbs have 3 fingers in each genus, but the forelimbs have 2 fingers in the sloth genus and 3 fingers in the sloth genus, and both the front and rear limbs have large bent claws on all fingers. Sloths that live on trees live upside down with this hook, so the long hair that covers their bodies grows from the belly to the back, contrary to normal animals.

It is sluggish on trees, moving at an average speed of 900 meters per hour, hanging and sleeping for 18 hours a day. It hangs upside down on the tree, but it becomes hungry on the ground and underwater, and it is good at swimming. Body temperature is known to be the lowest among mammals and has been observed to vary between 24-35 ° C. The long gestation period of 263 days for Linnaeus’s beetle is thought to be related to this low body temperature. One child is normal, and the lifespan is 32 years in the case of Hoffmann’s two beasts.

Japanese said “Namakemono”.

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