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Topaz, the birthstone for the month of November, is a beautiful transparent orange-yellow, and its color has been compared to sherry. It is a typical yellow gemstone, and perhaps because of this, jewelry with a yellow color is often given the pseudonym “topaz.
In fact, topaz is a gemstone with a great variety of colors other than yellow, including white, blue, pink, and brown.
Topaz, especially transparent topaz, shines so beautifully that it can be mistaken for the king of gems, the diamond, depending on the cut.

Topaz Effects and Symbolism

Topaz symbolizes friendship, hope, purity, and prosperity. Topaz is a power stone that is believed to bring together various relationships and guide them in the right direction.
It is said to help you when you have a goal, a dream you want to achieve, or a new event you want to tackle. It is also used as a good luck charm for marriage and romantic fulfillment, as it represents friendship.
It is a gemstone that is said to build good relationships and bring true love and friendship.

Origin of the name Topaz

According to one theory, the name “topaz” is derived from the name of the island where it is produced.
However, it turns out that what was produced on the island was not topaz, but actually peridot. This means that in ancient times, “peridot” was called “topaz!

Topaz is written in Kanji as “yellow jade.” and Japanese calls “Oh gyoku”….

However, Topaz is a gemstone with many different shades and expressions.

Blue Topaz

Natural blue topaz is very scarce in circulation, and most of them are light in color. Most of the topaz sold today as blue topaz is colorless topaz that has been treated with electrons or radiation and high heat.

Pink Topaz

Pink topaz is colorless topaz that has been coated and heat-treated to give it a pink color. Unheated natural pink topaz is also available, but its distribution is very small, and it is very rare to find it without inclusions.

White Topaz

White topaz, also called colored topaz, is colorless and transparent like quartz. It is the base stone of blue and pink topaz, and is irradiated and heat-treated to produce a variety of shades.

Mystic Topaz

Many topaz stones are heat-treated to bring out various shades of color, and among these, mystic topaz has a slightly different hue. Mystic topaz is heat-treated like blue topaz and pink topaz, but in the case of mystic topaz, titanium is deposited on the topaz to create a color-fluorescent effect, making multiple colors visible from different angles. Because of its iridescent or rainbow-like hue, it is also called rainbow topaz.

Brown Topaz

Brown topaz has a variety of shades, from a light amber color similar to citrine to a deep brown, but all have a mellow luster and expressive inclusions that are attractive. The image of the gemstone changes dramatically depending on the color and cut, making it a gemstone loved by people of all ages.

Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz is a naturally colored topaz with a specific color. It is said that the name “Imperial Topaz” came about because it was once used for the crowns of emperors, and was named after Emperor Don Pedro of Brazil, where it is mainly produced.

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