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Known as a poisonous animal alongside venomous snakes for a long time, not all species are deadly toxic, but exaggerated poisonous power and unusual morphology give people an unnecessarily scary feeling.
Therefore, if a scorpion is found in Japan, it tends to become a social problem, but it should be dealt with after accurately identifying the species and confirming its toxicity.
Widely distributed around the world, it also inhabits tropical, subtropical and some temperate regions. In Europe, it inhabits the Mediterranean coastal countries, southern Germany, and southern France, and in the United States, it inhabits about three-quarters of the United States, including Arizona, and is distributed from the west coast to southwestern Canada. It is distributed almost all over the Southern Hemisphere, but does not inhabit New Zealand, Argentina’s Patagonia region and Antarctica. In Asia, it is distributed in tropical and subtropical regions, as well as in mainland China, Taiwan, and the Korean Peninsula. In Japan, it inhabits Miyako Island, Yaeyama Islands, and Ogasawara Islands in Okinawa.
Japanese calls “sasori”.

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