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A republic in western Asia. The official name is Al-Jumhurīya al-‘Arabīya as-Sūrīya, Syrian Arab Republic. It borders Turkey to the north, Iraq, Jordan and Israel to the east and south, and the Mediterranean Sea and Lebanon to the west.
The northwestern part has a Mediterranean climate, with narrow coastal plains and small mountains running parallel to the Mediterranean coast, and the Orontes River valley to the east is fertile. Agriculture accounts for about 25% of gross domestic product in agricultural countries. Major agricultural products are wheat, cotton and olives. Wool production is also large. Industries include cement, sugar, cotton fabrics, and tobacco. Oil is produced in the eastern region.
It fought several wars with Israel (→ Middle East War), and after the Six Day War in 1967, it occupied the Golan Heights on its southwestern border. In 2011, an anti-government movement calling for democratization broke out, which developed into an armed struggle and ended in a state of civil war.

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