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a person you know well and regard with affection and trust. Japanese says Tomo-Dachi.

Tomodachi kanji meaning

“Dachi” is a suffix that expresses a plurality of people, and people who share aspirations and actions and are always in close contact with each other. Also used in the singular. Therefore, rather than considering the word “Tomodachi” as “Tomo” + “Dachi” (a suffix), it seems that “Tomodachi” is a single word and is used synonymously with “Yujin.”
The word “ともだち(in Hiragana)” was treated under the heading “友達(in Kanji)” in pre-war Japanese dictionaries, but in the “Toyokanji Onkunhy” announced in 1948, the word “友達” Since the sound “達” was not recognized in “たち”, it came to be written as “友だち” in textbooks and official sentences.
However, “友達” was added to the appendix to the “Toyo Kanji Onkunhyo” announced in 1973 and to the “Joyo Kanji Table” announced in 1981. “ともだち” is supposed to be written as “友達”.

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