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A term used to describe someone who is older or older than you. Also, people who entered the same school or company before you, even if they are younger.
In Japanese calls “Sen pai”.

Origin of Senpai(senior)

This consists of two kanji characters. “先” is a character that has meanings such as “beginning”, “before”, and “past”, as it is often used in daily life. What is the meaning of “輩”?
“輩” can be read by itself as “Hai, Tomogara, Yakara,” and has the meaning of “people of the same kind” or “people belonging to the same category.” You can see that by combining the two kanji, it means “a person of the same kind who is ahead of me.”

It may be a special word outside of Japan

Means the word “upperclassman” in school. Also, in business, it can be expressed as “senior colleague/coworker”. However, in the English-speaking world, there is not much awareness of hierarchical relationships such as seniors and juniors. Therefore, in cultural areas where horizontal connections are strong, it may not be a word you hear very often.

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