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A restaurant where you can eat sushi made by sushi chefs. In general, conveyor belt sushi does not belong to this category, and the style offered face-to-face with sushi chefs corresponds to this.
Even face-to-face, the price range varies from reasonable to high-class, and the common thing is to serve sake as well as sushi. However, some of the high-end shops are famous sushi chefs, the shops are branded, the fish is the market price, and the ceiling is so high-class.

how to read this

The first two characters “sushi” are read as sushi in hiragana. Kanji is here and here.
The last two characters are read as “bar” in katakana. Bar is written in kanji as “飲み屋, 居酒屋”.
However, the kanji notation of bar has a strong nuance of being popular and inexpensive.

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