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It is located 150 kilometers southeast of Fujian Province, 200 kilometers southwest of the Ryukyu Islands, and 350 kilometers north of the Philippines, and consists of 79 islands including Taiwan Island and the Hoco Islands. Taiwan Island is about 386 kilometers north-south, and the widest part is about 144 kilometers east-west. The Taiwanese mountains, which are over 3000 meters above sea level, run north-south, and Yushan (3997 meters), which is almost in the center, is the highest peak.
The eastern shore has cliffs and is scarce in good ports, and the alluvial plain extends to the west. The northern half has a subtropical climate, the southern half has a tropical climate, and there is a lot of rainfall. be. Modern industries such as electronic parts, electrical products, machinery, and chemistry are also flourishing, and as one of the Asian NIEs (new industrialized economies), they have achieved remarkable economic growth.
It is a Chinese character. It is described here as a democratic nation. Not a few Japanese people recognize Taiwan as a republic.

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