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the quality or state of the achromatic color of least lightness.

It is said that the state without any light is completely black, but nothing is felt in this state. In reality, it can be said that what reflects a small amount of light uniformly is seen as black. Black gives the impression of being bleeding, dark, heavy, sunken, and slightly static. Also, it is rather masculine and has a clear feeling. Many of the associations from black are black, such as tires and black hair. Also, as abstract things, things that are easily associated with darkness (darkness), such as anxiety, death, eerie, gloomy, and loneliness, are associated. It is easy to connect with things such as sin and fear.
The preference for black is relatively high in adults. On the other hand, in the case of children, it is often pointed out as a disliked color. The association of black does not seem to be very comfortable, but when it is actually used for clothes, the impression changes. If it is three-dimensional or has movement and is black, it will appear to change slightly depending on the light conditions. Therefore, when actually used, it feels as a nuanced color. Black is considered to be a representative of achromatic colors as well as white, but since the human eye is sensitive to changes in the darker brightness, slight differences in light reflection cause subtle changes in black. Therefore, it often gives a chic feel.
Black also creates a profound feeling. This corresponds to the lowest brightness of the colors. Black is used as an expression when doing various things in the shadow without being exposed because what is associated and symbolized is similar to what is felt from the darkness.

Japanese calls Kuro, Koku.

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