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a diet excluding all meat and fish.
The principle that it is desirable to limit all human food to plant food. Derived from a religious or unique nutritional position. This principle is called a vegetarian. In Buddhism, meat eating is prohibited in principle, and some Christians, like the Seventh Worship Day, are vegetarian, but some are vegetarian in their own opinion. There is a strict vegetarian diet that limits the diet to plant-based diets, and a gradual vegetarian diet that allows milk, chicken eggs, and even seafood in some cases. Physiologically, it is said that the prototype of human feeding is fruit food, mainly from the tooth type, and if protein supplementation is performed with beans, etc., it is possible to ingest essential nutrients only with a plant food. There are many vegetarians in India, but many admit milk.
Japanese says Sai-shoku-shu-gi.

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